The Great CEO Within


June 13, 2024

The book “The Great CEO Within” is a compendium of solutions for tech startup CEOs. Written by a coach who works with Silicon Valley CEOs, it addresses common challenges faced by founders and leaders.

Key Takeaways

  1. CEO Training Matters:
    • Becoming a great CEO requires training.
    • The book provides practical solutions for time-strapped CEOs.
  2. Book Structure:
    • The book covers eight sections:
      • The Beginning: Starting a company and launching a team.
      • Individual Habits: Crucial habits for effectiveness.
      • Group Habits: Effective teamwork behaviors.
      • Infrastructure: Tools for company effectiveness.
      • Collaboration: Techniques for cohesive work.
      • Process: Systems for major functions.
      • Other Departments: Beyond the core team.
      • Appendices: Miscellaneous topics.
  3. For CEOs at All Stages:
    • Whether you’re a first-time or experienced CEO, this book offers frameworks and answers.
    • Use it as a checklist for best practices and immediate implementation.

Remember, being a great CEO is about continuous learning and adaptation. Dive into the book for detailed insights!

Feel free to explore the book further, and if you have any other requests, just let me know! 😊👍

🔗 The Great CEO Within

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