How to create a personal website using Quarto and Azure


Chad You


June 10, 2024

Creating a website is very easy and simple if you are not a programmer. Here are the steps about how to create a personal website using Quarto and Azure.

1. Buy a domain name

  • Namecheap is cheaper than big names like GoDaddy. The website is very to use. Let’s go with

  • Click “SIGN UP” to create an account.

2. Create a website project using Quarto in local

3. Publish your project to GitHub

  • If you have a GitHub account, create a new repo from your Quarto project directory, commit the changes, then push to GitHub.

4. Create a static web app using Azure Static Web Apps

5. Set up domain DNS in namecheap

  • Copy your app link from Azure Portal under Custom domains.

  • Open the Advanced DNS tab in your namecheap account, creat a new “CNAME Record” and add the app link as below.

    • set Host as “www”.
    • set TTL as “5 min”